To segregate the best of global resources into syllabus based format and make it accessible to learners interested in or perusing that course with the mission of providing quality education to ‘One and All’.


  • To enable educational institutions to leverage the benefits of cloud-based technology in a comprehensive manner.
  • To make the best of quality content accessible to all without any limitation to ensure all-round academic success.
  • Provide an enhanced tool to support the students learning.
  • Promote value aided education for social, mental, emotional and psychological development in unison.
  • Encourage self-employment through Vocational courses and skill development courses.
  • Instill an understanding of life skills and communication skills in order to mold a learner into a magnanimous personality.
  • Encourage Lifelong Learning for continuous professional and personal development.
  • Foster creativity and technological innovation in the teaching-learning process.